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Bingo every Wednesday and Saturday





12 October, $1000.00 Cover-All Jackpot


Bingo Games

**** Package Prices ****

9 ON- $12.00

12 ON-$15.00

15 ON-$18.00

18 ON-$20.00

24 ON-$25.00




Click here to see payouts


Early Bird
Single wild double (Corners Count) Blue sheet  
Double wild triple (Corners Count) Orange sheet  
Crazy kite (Corners Count) Green sheet  
Top & Bottom (1 Wild No.) Yellow sheet  
Double wild triple (Corners Count) Pink  sheet  
Single wild double (Corners Count) Grey  sheet  
Large X Purple sheet  

Regular Games
Block of 9 (2 Wild No.'s) Special Brown  
Regular Bingo (Corners Count) Blue Pk  
Regular Bingo (Corners Count) Orange Pk  
Regular Bingo (Corners Count) Green Pk  
Double wild triple (Corners Count) Special Yellow  
CraZy "T" (3 Wild No.) Special Red  
Regular Bingo (Corners Count) Yellow Pk  
Regular Bingo (Hard Way) Pink Pk  
3 in 1 (Reg Bingo, X or Top & Bottom) Special Green  
Speed Ball Special Brown  

Bonanza Program (Jackpot No.'s or less)  
Luck 7 (2 Wild No.'s) Special Blue  
Double Action Blue Double  
Regular Bingo (Corners Count) Grey Pk  
Sm Picture Frame (2 Wild No's) Olive Pk  
Prison Bars (2 Wild No's) Special Orange  
Regular Bingo (Corners Count) Brown Pk  
Regular Bingo (Corners Count) Red Pk  
Crazy Letter L (2 Wild No's) Special Pink  
Jackpot Coverall Purple Pk  



BINGO Hall Rules 


1.   Everyone must purchase at least one BINGO PACKAGE to play Bingo.  


2.   Must be 18 years old to play Bingo.


3.   All cell phones must be on mute, vibrate or off during Bingo Sessions.  


4.   Sorry NO CHECKS! An ATM is located in the VFW Lounge.


5.  Bingo sessions may be cancelled due to weather, lack of players or post functions.


6.   In case of multiple Bingo's, Prizes will be divided equally.


7.  You must Bingo on the last number called.  We DO NOT pay for sleeper Bingo's.


8.   Once the ball is picked up out of the monitor, it is considered a live ball and has to be called.


9.   All persons are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, at all time. Anyone acting inappropriately will e asked to leave by the Bingo Supervisor. Money WILL NOT be refunded. (Loud talking, swearing, being argumentative, cursing etc.).


10.   No outside food or drinks allowed.  VFW Lounge and kitchen are open for food and drinks.


11.  If you are a new player or unfamiliar with our bingo packages please ask our Bingo Personnel for assistance.


12.  The VFW's A/C is set at a temperature of 76 every bingo day at 2:00 p.m. Only the VFW supervisors can adjust the system. Please bring a jacket or dress accordingly.